Biodentical hormone therapy, menopause symptom relief telehealth services & pricing

Start with your free telehealth consultation. Schedule online today! From the convenience and privacy of your home, or wherever you are, we can talk about what you are experiencing and how we can help you. 

Labs, if necessary, can also be done without leaving your home. We will have a kit sent directly to your door  to collect saliva samples to test 11 hormone levels which will give us a complete picture of your hormone health. It is s quick, simple saliva test. No needles or blood draw. The cost of the test is $140, far less than any of the home saliva tests you can buy over the counter. There are some available for $99 but they test 4 hormone levels at most, our test checks 11. 

Once your tests results are back you will then have your telehealth appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to review your results, discuss treatment options, and get your prescription. Prescriptions will be sent directly to your home as well. 

Your initial provider visit costs $75. We will do a 1 month prescription at the first visit and follow up in 1 month to reevaluate. Follow up visit cost is $50.  After the first month, if appropriate, we can do prescriptions in a 2 month supply at a significant discount. 

Sexual Enhancement Medications

We also offer prescription medications for sexual enhancement – Your initial visit including evaluation, treatment plan, and prescription for appropriate medication is $75, all follow up visits are $50. 

Telehealth Weight Loss

Telehealth weight loss services are offered and tailored to an individual’s needs. Provider visits for prescription medications are $75 for the initial visit and $50 for follow up visits. Other services available include nutrition and exercise guidance and counseling with a licensed therapist.