Do you suffer from symptoms caused by a hormone imbalance? We can help!

Hormone Imbalance Program

One monthly price, all the services you need to feel your best

What to expect

Your initial consultation and telehealth visit will include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation including a thorough health history, reproductive history, lifestyle and dietary habits
  • We will discuss your symptoms and what you want to accomplish in this program
  • After your initial consultation we will order all of the labs needed to get a thorough understanding of your hormone health. You will have your blood drawn at a lab near you at a time convenient for you
  • We will also discuss screening tests, like mammograms. If you need a test before beginning hormone therapy, we will order it so that you can have it done locally at your convenience
  • We will review all test results with you, discuss treatment options and then formulate a plan together
  • Prescription medications will be delivered to your door

Monthly visits will be tailored to your specific treatment plan and needs and may include: 

  • Telehealth visits with the Nurse Practitioner
  • Telehealth visits with the Licensed Therapist
  • Follow up labs as needed
  • Evaluation of progress and adjustments to treatment plan

Everything you need to succeed is included in the price of the program. 

Your first month, including all visits, labs, and medication will cost $250.

Monthly cost after the first month, including all visits, labs, and medications will be $175.

That price includes all visits with the Nurse Practitioner or Licensed Therapist. You will have no copay, no bill for an additional amount due later. 

No surprises. We believe that you should know what you will be paying and what you will be receiving up front. 

There is also no commitment. You can stop using our services at any time. 

Choice of medication is based on each patient’s individual needs and risk factors.  

Need help with your hormones and want to take advantage of our weight loss program also?

Our hormone program includes everything you need for one price – your visits with a nurse practitioner and/or a licensed therapist, labs, medications.

Our weight loss program also includes everything you need including visits with a nurse practitioner, licensed therapist, nutrition and fitness guidance, labs, and medications. 

Each program individually costs $250 for the first month and $175 per month after with NO commitment ever. 

If you enroll in our hormone program you can also get the complete weight loss program for only $100 additional per month. 

Individually the two programs would cost $500 for the first month and $350 for each additional month. 

Enroll in both for $350 for the first month and $275 for each additional month. 

This includes all labs and medications needed for BOTH hormone imbalances and weight loss and for all visits with a nurse practitioner, licensed therapist, and nutrition and fitness guidance.